Ready and Willing to Do More…

It has been a long journey from the small rented house where Brother Mathias Barrett, founder of Camillus House, first fed a hungry man a bowl of donated corn flakes and milk. That simple gesture of caring 60 years ago was the first step of an amazing, collective experience of compassion that many have been part of since.

As we reflect on the thousands of individuals who have joined us in the past, we are grateful for their sacrifices, generosity and unwavering dedication to helping the poor and homeless served by Camillus House.

Over the decades, Camillus has grown to meet the complicated challenges facing our community, including fewer housing options for our neighbors in need; inadequate community based care for those fighting mental illness, and a prevalence of cheap and powerful illegal drugs, which has led to an increase in the number of those battling homelessness.

We provide life-changing programs that engage and directly treat persons who are living on the street and suffering with severe mental illness. We help victims of human trafficking recover their lives, and homeless veterans who have served our country rejoin the society they fought to protect. We have also developed partnerships with educational and job development institutions to provide onsite certificate training programs that are helping homeless men and women earn and keep good-paying jobs.

That’s why, 60 years in, Camillus House’s work must go on. As the most comprehensive care-provider for the homeless in South Florida, our challenges and responsibilities remain great. And our goal of ending chronic homelessness in Miami-Dade County is ambitious. But with the support of caring, committed people who share in our mission, we’ll continue the good work – and the journey to a more compassionate community.

Grateful for your friendship and support,

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