Hope is Where the Heart is.

More than 1,700 individuals and families are kept off the streets through our Emergency, Transitional, and Permanent housing programs. All our housing initiatives link to other Camillus support programs, providing clients with comprehensive healthcare and social services to transform their future.


Families and Individuals Housed


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Individuals at Risk of Homelessness Assisted

Family Housing

More than a Safe Roof Overhead

They may not fit the stereotype, but many who are homeless or at-risk for homelessness are families with small children. Camillus House is committed to helping these families to a better life. We presently provide a safe and comfortable place to live for 700+ family members in Camillus-operated apartments or townhouses. Freed from the looming worry of a safe place for their family to live, breadwinners can focus on addressing the root causes of their homelessness. And, with the guidance of experienced and dedicated caseworkers, they can conquer them. Camillus House provides a range of supportive services to help mothers and fathers with life skills, basic cooking, job training, personal counseling, day care and other transformative tools. The result is families who are stronger, healthier, and more stable. Once a strong foundation is built and obstacles are overcome, many of our families “graduate” from Camillus housing to independent living.

happy mother and daughter
young man needing housing

Housing for Single Individuals

Addressing the most obvious aspect of homelessness among individuals both young and old often starts with a shelter bed in one of our emergency housing programs, which serves more than 300 men and women on a nightly basis.

Camillus House also provides permanent, supportive housing for individuals in several Camillus owned and/or operated facilities as well as scattered-site permanent, supportive housing, in which residential units are rented from private landlords in the community for chronically homeless single adults.

In all, more than a thousand individuals including youth who have aged out of the foster care system, the elderly and most vulnerable among us are provided with a safe and dignified place to live each night.

Rapid Rehousing

Moving Fast Makes the Difference

Camillus House’s rapid rehousing program provides rental assistance and support services to those in need. While the program varies by an individual’s circumstances and needs, we aim to help participants transition to independent living within six months. Rapid rehousing is a powerful, proven approach to combatting homelessness. It gets those experiencing homelessness into permanent housing quickly – and it helps them stay there. Why? Because people with secure housing are freed up to focus on finding employment, overcoming substance abuse, or other challenges that may have led to their homelessness in the first place.

Veteran Housing

Honoring the Brave with Life-Changing Programs

No one who’s served our country overseas should end up homeless. That’s why Camillus House is committed to the difficult but critical work of helping returning servicemembers reintegrate into society. All our efforts for homeless Vets center on building a supportive community for those who sacrificed for our country. But providing Vets with a safe roof overhead – whether emergency shelter, transitional housing, or permanent housing – is our top priority, and an essential step in helping them piece their lives back together.

serving veterans

Eviction Help

We’ve helped over 3,000 families avoid eviction through our eviction help program.

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