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Heber on his main mode of transportation!

Heber Moscoso’s life of addiction had taken its toll and it wasn’t until he arrived at Camillus House that he was able to turn his life around.

As a lifelong addict, he initially began taking the drugs in his twenties which ultimately led to an opioid addiction.

“It got so bad that my family suggested I return to Guatemala,” said Moscoso. “I followed their advice and thought it was a good opportunity to get straight.” Unfortunately, things didn’t go well, leading to depression and more drug use to self-medicate.

Since returning to the U.S., Heber says he’s bounced around from shelter to shelter and although all of them were great and helped him, Camillus House has by far been the best.

“Immediately when I walked into Camillus House, I was shown so much love and I feel like I’m still being loved,” said Heber.

He recalls the day he first arrived there. It was a sunny day and he had been sleeping on the sidewalk when a police officer approached him about going to Camillus House.

Upon arriving, he was immediately placed into Camillus’s residential treatment program ISPA (Institute for Success and Personal Achievement), which he says, “was a life-changing moment in my life. It gave me the opportunity to get my mind right again. They go all out with ISPA, having weekly therapy sessions with a personal therapist as well as group sessions. It truly helped me heal both physically and mentally.”

The program also provided him with a social life including cookouts at the park and outings to the theater as well as working out together in the yard. He compares the experience with his ISPA friends to a brotherhood. “They are forever my ISPA brothers, I will always have a connection with them.”

Helping him through it all were his therapists.

“They were amazing listeners and a huge positive influence in my life,” he says. “Some of them made me cry so many times, something that was so necessary in my healing process.” Heber says that by the grace of God, after eight months, they found him housing, an apartment he’s been living in since November. He also is employed with a bank, taking customer calls four days a week.

“The bank set me up with a laptop and all the necessary equipment to do my job remotely. I had worked at a call center in the past and I truly love this type of work, it is very fulfilling,” he says. “I get to put smiles on the faces of customers. They get so excited when they know I’ve helped them.”

With a stable home and employment, Heber was happy to receive one more thing to make his life complete – getting a bike. He says it’s helped him both physically and mentally, much like his time at Camillus House.

Being on two wheels helps him stay focused and sharp, helping him come to term with his day and giving him mental clarity.

“Even better, it’s helping me get a six pack and stay in shape. I love my bicycle, always looking for a new bike path. I’m always looking for a bridge, I love riding on bridges, on the way down it’s really fun.”

Life really couldn’t be better for him. He lives in a welcoming apartment building where everyone always smiles at him, he continues to receive weekly assistance from Camillus House with medication and therapy and is happy two-wheeling it around the city. For the 41-year-old, life just keeps looking up!

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