Have you stopped to think about why you give? What motivates you to give of your time, talents, and treasures? While there are so many incredible causes, we find most people give to Camillus House because they believe in transformation, second chances, and giving people hope that a new day is coming. The work we do can get under your skin. It can make some people uncomfortable. It’ll turn the skeptic into a believer of healing and miracles.

That’s because preventing homelessness and bringing people off the streets and out of poverty, addiction, or sickness enables them to grow, work, and thrive. Sometimes all it takes is someone having a little faith in you, for you to believe in yourself. By helping our homeless neighbors, we are creating systemic change and you can be part of that.

So mark your calendars: Give Miami Day, Miami’s premier annual online-only charity event, starts midnight on Thursday November 18th and will run through the day until 11:59 p.m. For those anxious to start donating to Camillus House, early giving commenced today, November 15th so let’s go!

Last year, amidst turmoil and uncertainty, Give Miami Day 2020 raised over $270,000 for Camillus House — money that helped to establish, maintain, and expand services for the most vulnerable in our community. We have continued to serve our homeless brothers and sisters on the street, and we never closed our doors to those who came to us in need.

Even when we had to pivot and establish COVID-19 safety protocols in order to continue meeting needs, employees and volunteers never missed a beat. The homeless still had a place where they could shower and receive healthy meals, clinical services, medications, and more. This year, we’re hoping that spirit of kindness and generosity will continue to manifest and expand to include more donors than ever before.

Here’s how to Support Camillus House on Give Miami Day 2021

    1. Start donating your contribution to Camillus House now. Don’t risk missing this important day – Visit the Camillus House Give Miami Day Page to ensure your donation gets counted. https://www.givemiamiday.org/CamillusHouse
    2. You can help fundraise for Camillus House with your very own Champion Page. It’s easy. Visit the step-by-step guide at: https://www.givemiamiday.org/champion
    3. Are you following our social media pages yet? If you’re not, please start following us right now! You can help to promote Give Miami Day by sharing and commenting on our posts.
    4. Lastly, don’t forget to tell all your friends in real life and online.

Generosity, like kindness, is contagious. Spread the love – donations do not have to come from Miami, we can accept donations from all over the country and world!

Want to do more than give once a year? Visit our Giving page to learn about other ways you can help to support the important work Camillus House is doing. https://www.camillus.org/donate

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