Donation helps front line workers and homeless individuals they care for as COVID-19 crises wages on


November 9, 2020– Miami, FL – Kyia Mcfadden of DLM Imports, LLC in Delray Beach responded in a big way to the ongoing need for masks at Camillus House. He reached out to Patrick Lowenthal, CEO of WEP Sourcing, a Miami-based promotional product and sourcing company for the best place to donate 36,000 KN95’s for front line workers, 16,000 non-surgical masks and other protective items. The answer for Patrick Lowenthal was easy. He told Kyia to “donate the masks and other protective items to Camillus House, the largest provider of humanitarian assistance to families and individual who are homeless in South Florida. He added, “because of COVID-19, the programs and support services are perhaps as vital and important now as they have ever been before.” Kyia Mcfadden agreed.

According to Camillus House CEO Hilda Fernandez, “These masks and supplies are a godsend not only for our 1,700 homeless women, men and children we house each day and the hundreds more we serve through outreach programs, but also for the amazing Camillus staff that works diligently each day to keep those we serve healthy.” She added, “Acts of kindness like this outstanding donation, enables us to maintain a clean and safe environment, and the means to reduce the spread of infection—while providing for the housing and service needs of homeless individuals.”

As Florida enters phase three in its reopening efforts, the need to wear protective masks is still strong, especially for vulnerable populations. “We are fortunate to be a provider of Covid-19 related protective items. To be in a position to help an organization that goes above and beyond to support and protect those who find themselves in overwhelming challenging and unfortunate situations is something that is very important to me,” said Kyia Mcfadden.

In addition to the 52,000 masks, the donation included 1,600 bouffant caps, 368 face shields, 120 gallons of hand sanitizer and 25,000 zip lock bags. The collaboration of DLM Imports and WEP Sourcing is a reminder of the power of being interconnected to help others today, and for years to come.

For more information on the mask donation or to donate, please contact Camillus House’s Bob Lozada at 305-374-1065, ext. 505 or by email: [email protected] as well as visit their website,

ABOUT DLM IMPORTS: Based in Delray Beach, Florida, DLM Imports LLC works with multinational clients, both state and international governments, large hospital groups and nationwide retailers to procure, manufacture and distribute products worldwide. Founded by Kyia Mcfadden, who has extensive experience in the wholesale sector industry, information on the company is on their website,

ABOUT WEP: Based in Miami, with an international office in Hong Kong, WEP brings the highest level of service and expertise to prominent brands and events around the world. They help their clients meet their business needs through the power of branded merchandise. They specialize in product sourcing, promotional products, fulfillment, corporate stores and print on demand. Strong partnerships have created the opportunity for WEP to work with a vast number of global brands and exemplify their credibility in the industry. Additional information is on their website,

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