Honored for Outstanding Work in Homeless Prevention and Delivery of Services to Homeless Individuals and Families

Camillus House is pleased to announce we have received the Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Award of Excellence, a first for any homeless service and assistance organization. The esteemed award recognizes the outstanding contributions to the development of Miami’s core business in three categories “Individual,” “Organization” and “Young Leader.” Awardees were selected by a group of influential community leaders who served as judges.

Receiving this accolade affirms that the work we’ve begun since 1960 starting as a small soup kitchen is a critical need in our community, one in which we excel.

CEO, Hilda Fernandez

Wishing to acknowledge the Board and Team alike, Fernandez continued, “As Miami’s most comprehensive homeless services provider, we share this award with everyone who has been a dedicated partner, supporter, volunteer, colleague, and friend to Camillus House and our clients.”

Camillus House stands in good company and joins a prestigious group of honorees who have been recognized since 2014, when Allen Morris and the Chamber created the award, for their contributions to the development of Miami’s central business core’s economy.

We are privileged to be recognized for our work, which includes life-changing programs that meet the varying needs of the poor and homeless. Specialized outreach programs such as Lazarus Project and Matt Talbot engage and directly treat persons living on the street and are suffering with severe mental illness and addiction. Serving with hospitality, compassion and love, the non-profit helps the needy stabilize and access housing, victims of abuse and violence recover their lives, families facing eviction avoid homelessness, enables veterans to rejoin the society they fought to protect, and provides essential needs such as clothes, showers, and food daily.

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