Camillus’s Art Therapy client rejoicing the supplies of our art room. Support for the art room was provided by a grant from Coral Gables Community Foundation.

For Allen, Camillus House’s Art Therapy client, to truly be an artist, one should allow his instincts to be led by a childlike curiosity. He has experienced bitterness in life, a harshness from the world, but he says no pain and suffering can ever replace the inherent innocence he possesses as an artist. Seeing the world through a curious lens will keep him true to his art.

“I have always been fascinated by unique human expressions.” He says, and invariably, human emotions are the most recurring theme in his art pieces. Allen’s creation, along with over 30 other artworks, were successfully sold during the Art Showcase event held on March 14, 2024. Thanks to the irreplaceable support Camillus’s Art Therapy Program received this year, we have seen an average of 122 clients per month create inspiring artwork at the Camillus Art Room.

It is because of likeminded partners like the Coral Gables Community Foundation that Camillus can continue uplifting the art and the artists through the Art Therapy program. As therapeutic as art can be, it is also an exceptional way to renew hope, offer healing and empower those who need it the most.

Thanks to Coral Gables Community Foundation, together, we have inspired and empowered meaningful participation through the Art Therapy Program. Indeed, art therapy is key to the holistic recovery of our homeless neighbors!

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