A Christmas Prayer for You

"Peace on earth to men and women of goodwill, who work quietly and patiently each day, in their families and in society, to build a more humane and just world." -Pope Francis

Thursday, December 13, 2018 3:00 am

As Christmas approaches and we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord, I wanted to share my warmest wishes and prayers with you and your family.

In these last days of Advent, we look forward with great anticipation to the coming of new hope in the form of a helpless baby - our Lord Jesus Christ.

But our joy at Christmas can only be fully realized when we share the new hope of the season with those most in need...

I'm thinking of our neighbors who pray for a hot meal... a safe roof overhead, clean clothes ... or, for a struggling parent, a simple toy to brighten their child's Christmas morning.

Through your gift to Camillus House, YOU answer all these prayers. CLICK HERE

And, the beautiful thing is, in giving to our neighbors in need, YOU prepare your own heart to experience all the joy of the Season. In giving to others, you receive - it's a fact!

So please, will you make a special Christmas gift to help now?

May our Lord fill you and those dear to you with new hope and joy during this holy season. God bless you! 

You are in my prayers,

Brother Prior Richard Moore, O.H.

P.S. Your gift today to help will be one of the most important you give anyone this Christmas.

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