At Camillus House, our work never stops. Click here to learn more about our response to COVID-19 and how you can help by donating now.

Volunteer Opportunities


Every year, our volunteers help in a variety of ways. Through their service, they help us provide compassionate hospitality and comprehensive healing to our clients. You too can:

  • Help prepare and/or serve food to individuals who are poor and homeless.
  • Host a food drive or other fundraising drive (click here to find out more).
  • Help out in the Mail Room by organizing correspondence and distributing it to our clients.
  • Assist clients in the Computer Lab or Library.
  • Host a holiday party for clients.
  • Teach a skill to clients — Leadership, dance, fitness, etc.
  • Participate in the Casserole Program (click here to find out more).
  • Assist staff during the woman shower programs.
  • Write letters to clients.



You can also assist staff directly when you:

  • Provide business consultative services.
  • Help organize a special event.
  • Provide videography or any other services for an event.
  • Help organize donations at the Warehouse (also a group activity).
  • Help maintain our Urban Garden (also a group activity).
Do You Want to Host a Collection Drive?
Click here or call us at 305.374.1065 {305-CAMILLUS}
Do You Need Transitional Housing?
Click here or call us at 305.374.1065 {305-CAMILLUS}
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