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Camillus House Speakers Bureau


For more than half century, Camillus House has been serving persons who are poor and homeless in Greater Miami. Hundreds of thousands have come through the doors at our downtown shelter. Some needed our help to get them through a rough patch in their lives, others came looking for a better life, and found it.

From its humble beginnings as a soup kitchen founded by an Irish Brother looking to serve God by serving his most needy children, Camillus House now provides food and clothing services, housing, medical and psychological care and treatment, substance abuse rehabilitation, and job training and placement.

Camillus House been a constant throughout the major changes seen in the Miami area for more than 50 years, and Camillus will continue to be a constant refuge for those in need in Miami’s future.


Now you and your organization can learn more about Camillus House and homelessness, and how you can get involved and make a difference. The Camillus House Speakers Bureau will provide representatives to speak to your church, business, school, civic organization or other group about the history of Camillus House, the importance of volunteerism in building strong communities, how Camillus House is addressing the issues and problems of homelessness in our community, and the future of Camillus House.

The Camillus House Speaker Bureau is a free service offered to the community to provide a better understanding of our mission and how Camillus House is working to end chronic homelessness in the Miami.

To schedule a speaker or learn more, contact the Community Relations Manager at 305.374.1065 ext. 438, or email us at [email protected].

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