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UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES. Educate yourself and your children on poverty and homelessness on a local, national and global scale. Stay informed of related news stories. Speak up and speak out! Inform others of the issues and clear up common myths

TREAT PERSONS WHO ARE POOR AND HOMELESS WITH RESPECT AND UNDERSTANDING. Sometimes this is the one and only thing that makes a real difference.

STAY POLITICALLY AWARE. Find out how your local, state and federal representatives stand on the issues surrounding poverty and homelessness. Write to them and let them know how you feel.


DONATE YOUR OLD BELONGINGS. We can utilize everything from your old clothes to appliances and furniture.

HOLD A COLLECTION DRIVE. Collection drives for food, clothing and toiletries are a great project any time of the year that both reminds people of the issues as well as collecting the goods.

JOIN OUR CASSEROLE PROGRAM. Help Camillus House provide nutritious meals to persons who are hungry and/or homeless in our community.

RAISE FUNDS or make a personal financial contribution. We’re always in need of cash donations to cover our operating costs, which keep our programs running.

BECOME A REGULAR VOLUNTEER. We utilize volunteers in areas ranging from hands-on work in the kitchen and warehouse to more behind the scenes projects in the administrative offices. We also can place volunteers who have professional skills or special abilities in positions that fully utilize their expertise.

GET YOUR GROUP INVOLVED. We regularly use school, religious, civic, business and professional groups to serve on our feeding line and often rely on their support for special events throughout the year.

SUPPORT LIVING WAGE LAWS. Living Wage laws and other new programs designed to eliminate poverty need your support to become public policy.

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