Neighborhoods of Refuge depicts the reality of Miami’s homeless

Cathedral Beauford has been homeless for over 41 years. Her granddaughter took the picture she’s standing next to. It shows Beauford in the passenger seat of a car. There’s a man lying down on the sidewalk under an overpass. Cathedral’s face is blank

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 by Tamica Jean-Charles

Gary Allen is seen softly smiling, holding a cage with a single egg within. The egg is facing a door-less entry-way. The egg, once hatched, has every opportunity to leave, yet remains hesitant within the copper bounds of the cage. 

In 2014, Allen found himself living under a bridge. He needed to find the purpose to get him out of his own cage. 

“I knew help was coming, I didn’t know how exactly it would come,” said Allen. “It was like I was being pushed into my purpose because I didn’t want anything less than my purpose and to live my potential in life.”

Later that year, Allen found himself working in the art therapy room at Camillus House, a full-service homeless shelter near Downtown Miami. He calls the room the heart room; it’s a place where people can be free, and live a life of purpose through their art. 


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Neighborhoods of Refuge depicts the reality of Miami’s homeless

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