Camillus House Annual Fund Drive

Thursday, January 18, 2018 3:00 am by Brother Raphael Mieszala

Dear Friend,

What happens when you support Camillus House?

In two quick words: lives change.

Just ask Steve Johnson...

Steve, 58, was a hit-and-run victim in a Key West auto accident. With his neck broken, he's no longer able to earn his living in construction. In addition, he developed neuropathy in his limbs that caused weakness, numbness, and pain.  Steve needs crutches to walk.  Still, he doesn't let all the problems get him down. "I get around pretty well for a guy who's paralyzed," he says.

Steve also paints - and beautifully. "I don't have feeling in my hands, but somehow, I'm able, once I get going, to make a painting," he says.

At Camillus House, Steve got a second chance at life thanks to caring friends like you.

That's what Camillus House does with your generous donations. We take broken lives and transform them in astounding ways. YOUR  support allows great things to happen.

Your gift now to our 2018 Annual Fund Drive will allow us to reach and serve many more in 2018. Will you make a gift now so we'll be able to help others like Steve, and local families, too?

The Annual Fund Drive is our most important of the year. Funds raised allow us to care for many more local individuals and families in desperate need of our assistance.

Please. I'm counting on your help.



Brother Raphael Mieszala, OH


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