At Camillus House, our work never stops. Click here to learn more about our response to COVID-19 and how you can help by donating now.

In-Kind Donations


There are a number of opportunities to contribute in-kind donations to Camillus House.

In-Kind donations are another way that the business community — as well as individuals — may directly support the work and services provided by Camillus House.

Goods and Services-in-kind may range from clothing and furniture to medical equipment. Each department and program at Camillus now posts a Wish List with of specific things they need but are unable to fit into the budget at this time.

For information about In-Kind donations please email or call us to find out how you can help support Camillus House.

Reach the Camillus House In-Kind Department at our Warehouse:

2020 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33142
Tel:  305.633.9212
Fax: 305.633.9242

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