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How to Organize a Collection Drive


How would you like to organize a project for your school, business or other organization that's really fun and will make a huge difference to those in need this holiday season? Then try hosting a collections drive to benefit your poor and homeless neighbors!

You may collect food, clothing or toiletries during your drive, but we recommend that you focus on only one of them as it makes your drive both easier to organize and generally much more successful.

You might even want to consider adding a unique twist to your drive by getting specific about you're collecting. For instance, instead of a general toiletries drive you might ask for toothpaste and toothbrushes, or make it a men's shoes drive instead of a general clothing drive. But of course, accept anything that comes in as we can probably use it!


Start publicizing early to make sure everyone knows about the drive. Try using flyers, announcements in your newsletter, personal notes and reminders, and simple word-of-mouth to let everyone know the what, when, where and why of your drive. We can even provide you with standard flyers that only require you to fill in the specific time and place.


Remember that the success of a collections drive is measured not only in the number of socks dropped off at our door, but also by how many people have been reminded or have even gained a new awareness of Camillus House and those we serve. Be sure to include background information on Camillus House in your publicity and considering leaving a few of our brochures at the drop box for people to take a look at.


Any large, sturdy box works well for collecting, storing and transporting the donations. If you don't have one around try looking behind your local grocery store. Plain brown cardboard boxes are pretty boring but a few decorations can grab the attention of those passing by and give them a final reminder that your drive has begun. Of course, even a box with flashing neon lights won't attract much attention sitting in a dark corner, so be sure to place yours in a central and visible high traffic area. Now just sit back and watch the donations pile in!


Don't forget to arrange a means of getting all the stuff you've collected over to us when the drive is over. Donations should be dropped off at our warehouse, 2020 NW 23rd Street, Miami between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm when Camillus representatives are available to assist you.

If you're having trouble with a particularly large donation, call us and we'll schedule our driver to pick it up. However, if possible, we suggest that you bring some of your group down one afternoon to serve a meal to our guests and get a first-hand look at how your donations are put to use. It's a truly enlightening experience that is sure to make a lasting memory for years to come.

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