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Chairman's Message


Camillus House is one of our community's most respected and admired organizations dedicated to serving the needs of men, women and children who are poor and homeless.

Since its founding in the summer of 1960, Camillus House has served as a place of hope where our community's compassion can come together to embrace those individuals and families who have no place to turn.

Through the years, Camillus has responded to the changing needs of South Florida by providing food and shelter to individuals fleeing Cuba in the early 1960s; by helping people struggling with hard economic times in the 1970s; by providing healthcare and addiction counseling in the 1980s and, in recent years, Camillus has developed a host housing and job training programs to help individuals and families transition from a life on the streets to one as productive citizens.

Nationally, Camillus House is recognized as a leader in the fight against homelessness. Its treatment program is among the most successful in the country at 77% for individuals engaged in active therapy. Locally, Camillus Health Concern has the unique distinction of operating the only federally qualified healthcare center for the homeless in South Florida, which provides more than 25,000 medical encounters each year.

Now Camillus House is focused on its most ambitious goal: ending chronic homelessness in Miami. We are confident that both our community and our organization will rise to this new challenge with the same resolve and determination that our shared history has proven. Camillus House has been rebuilding broken lives for nearly a half century. Our expertise in the treatment and rehabilitation of the hardest to reach segment of the homeless population — along with our partnerships with a host of human services organizations — makes Camillus uniquely qualified to lead this effort.

Together, we can change Miami forever. Open the Door to Hope — The Camillus House Campaign to End Chronic Homelessness — will make this goal a reality. I urge you to join Camillus House, as we work to make our community a better place for all

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