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Deferred Gifts, Annuities & Trusts


Charitable Gift Annuities are a wonderful way to make a gift to Camillus House and realize generous lifetime income, as well as current year tax savings.

A Charitable Gift Annuity is an agreement between a donor and Camillus House whereby he/she transfers cash or appreciated assets to Camillus, and in return the donor (or donor and someone he or she names) receives guaranteed fixed-dollar payments. These payments will continue for as long as the donor (and/or the person named) lives.

The gift rate and tax savings for a charitable gift annuity vary from person to person, depending on age and the number of beneficiaries. Individuals may arrange a one-life or a two-life charitable gift annuity that may provide for them and/or their loved ones.


A Deferred Gift Annuity is similar to a charitable gift annuity. Individuals transfer cash or stocks in exchange for quarterly fixed-dollar payments that will continue for as long as they live. The difference is that the annuity payments start at some point in the future. Donors set the date when the gift is made.

Individuals might consider a Deferred Gift Annuity if they don't need more income now, but would benefit from a charitable deduction while insuring a regular income at some future point in their lives. Deferred Gift Annuities are an excellent way to combine a legacy gift with supplemental retirement savings.


A Trust is a legal agreement that specifies how the assets placed under the Trust will be managed. The charitable remainder trust is an attractive method to achieve a variety of goals while providing income for life and knowing that after the person's lifetime, the property remaining in the trust will be used by Camillus House as he or she has specified.

There are two types of charitable remainder trusts: the Unitrust and Annuity trust.

  1. Unitrust: income fluctuates annually with the fair market value of the Trust.
  2. Annuity Trust: income payments are fixed and determined when the gift is made.

The advantages of a Charitable Remainder Trust are many. For example, individuals receive income for life, avoid capital gains tax if the Trust is funded with appreciated securities, receive immediate charitable income tax deduction, possibility of reducing estate tax, and the satisfaction of supporting Camillus House.

The above types of gifts, annuities and trusts allow individuals to attain their own personal financial objectives while making a significant gift to Camillus House.

The best type depends on individual needs. For more information, email [email protected] or call 305.374.1065, ext. 303.

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