At Camillus House, our work never stops. Click here to learn more about our response to COVID-19 and how you can help by donating now.

Covid-19 Response

     At Camillus House, our works never stops. 



Ordinary and extraordinary acts are being performed across the country and here at home to combat the COVID-19 crisis and save lives. While all of us have been impacted by the crisis, it is especially extreme for the hungry and homeless.

Camillus House is working around-the clock to ensure the health and safety of the men, women and children we serve. Today, as throughout our 60 years of service, we are at the forefront helping our homeless sisters and brothers stay safe while continuing to provide the services and support they need during this challenging time. 


Camillus House has implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan to continue our critical mission while taking while taking extraordinary actions to keep our clients, staff and the community safe from this deadly virus.  Measures in the COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan:

• Continue serving the on-the-street homeless by offering meals, showers and access to other services through our Day Center, in a safe manner

• Maintain providing clients with case management and clinical services while overcoming the challenge of following social distancing protocols--a challenge, as you can imagine

• Accept new clients into our programs, after proper screening, as they are safer with us than on the streets. As a result, we are at capacity in all our programs.

• Meet the increased need for food and other critical services to support the over 1,100 families and individuals under our care. And we continue sanitizing 24/7.

• Our specialized Lazarus outreach team is providing medical interventions to the severely mentally ill street homeless, while continuing to provide them with stabilizing medication and clinical services

• Continue offering educational job training programs with Miami Dade College (now online) to prepare individuals for employment after this crisis ends

And due to COVID-19 safety measures, all of this is happening without the benefit of our amazing volunteers who provide hundreds of hours of support each week. 



Donations have dropped dramatically during the crisis, while our COVID-19 response and safety needs far our exceed our resources. More than $200,000 went toward: upgrading facilities to create isolation rooms; increasing deep-cleaning efforts in our facilities; buying and providing medical and personal protective equipment for staff and other emergency efforts.

If you are able, we invite you to please give now.

Thank you for your kindness. Please take care of your loved ones and yourself, and know we are praying for you.



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