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Camillus House

Does Camillus House have the expertise to achieve its goal of ending chronic homelessness?

Camillus House has been providing services for persons with substance abuse problems for nearly 20 years, and currently receives funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to operate (a) the Federally Qualified Health Center for the Homeless for Miami (through Camillus Health Concern), and (b) our substance abuse and mental health treatment services (through our Institute of Success and Personal Achievement or ISPA).

We also receive funding from the State of Florida for these ISPA programs. We have one of the highest (if not the highest) published success rates for serving persons with addictions and mental health problems (public or private) in the nation. Our treatment program is recognized statewide as the model program for treating co-occurring (addiction and mental illness) disorders.

We successfully graduate one person from our ISPA treatment program per year for each bed we operate. When we increase our treatment capacity to 128 beds, we expect to successfully refer to job training/employment/housing approximately 120 (formerly homeless) persons per year. As stated above, we estimate this number to be 800, and have sized our facility and have planned our treatment program and downstream housing requirements accordingly.

In September 2011, we opened an 84-unit permanent apartment complex — Shepherd's Court. The Camillus House strategic plan contemplates the development of approximately 300 more units, whether in community-based units, home ownership, privately developed units or Camillus-operated facilities.

With the concurrent development of housing by the other fine organizations in Miami-Dade County (e.g., Habitat for Humanity, Carrfour Supportive Housing, Citrus Health Network and others), we believe that there will be sufficient permanent housing to accommodate the population we are committed to serve once they complete treatment and job training (when necessary).

The new Camillus House 340-bed center and campus is located on NW 7th Avenue between 15th and 17th Streets, NW (at the turn-off to the Westbound Dolphin Expressway [SR 836] from Interstate 95 South). This location puts the new facility in close proximity to Jackson Memorial Hospital and the County Jail. Both of these institutions receive and discharge homeless persons, whom we will be better able to serve post-discharge.

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