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The Chapman Partnership

What are the Homeless Assistance Centers, and how do they relate to Camillus House?

The Chapman Partnership (formerly Community Partnership for Homeless) is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) corporation, governed by a Board of Directors.

The mission of the Chapman Partnership is to operate two Homeless Assistance Centers (HACs) and to raise the private funding necessary to assist in the implementation of the Miami-Dade County Community Homeless Plan. Chapman Partnership is further committed to assisting the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust in this implementation through encouraging private sector involvement.

What Are HACs?

HACs are intake centers for the Homeless Trust continuum of care. They are where most, but not all homeless men, women and children come in lieu of remaining on the streets. Camillus House also serves as an intake center for some persons who are homeless.

HACs provide short-term residency, during which many services are provided to help these persons regain and restore their lives. In addition to food, clothing, showers and beds, there is a case management staff that works with each formerly homeless person. Each of the 700+ residents of the HACs has a “case plan” designed to lead him or her to being a productive member of society. The first HAC opened in 1995 in Miami and the second opened in 1998 in Homestead.

As with all participants in the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust’s continuum of care, Camillus House and the Homeless Assistance Centers refer persons who are homeless in Miami Dade County to each other’s programs as warranted by the needs of the clients. In addition, Camillus House operates an outpatient behavioral health program at the Homestead HAC. At this airbase site, Camillus House also operates a transitional program for single men (St. Michaels Residence) and for families (Mother Seton Village), two of the 17 Camillus House facilities housing more than 800 men, women and children throughout Miami Dade County.

Camillus House and HACs

Camillus House and the HACs work closely together that homeless persons have access to a coordinated and seamless continuum of care with services that complement, but do not unnecessarily duplicate, each other’s services (note: moved location of this sentence).

On the day-to-day level, Camillus House’s extensive expertise in mental health, substance abuse and medical treatment results in the self- and other-referral of persons with medical and behavioral health problems to Camillus House for specialized treatment. In addition, because of its expertise, and its overnight shelter and inside dining programs for all who present themselves for a meal, Camillus House has for more than four decades been a safe portal into care for many of the persons who meet the definition of chronic homelessness.

In general, it can be said that Camillus House focuses primarily on treating persons who are chronically homeless, and therefore require much more intensive and longer term care, while the two HACs focus primarily on serving persons who are economically or episodically homelessness, and who therefore can be helped within the HAC’s standard 60-day time period. Each program plays a vital role in the community’s efforts to end homelessness, by meeting the unique needs of the subpopulations they are best equipped to serve and treat.

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