Cruise Foundation makes $25,000 donation

Friday, December 14, 2012 1:00 pm

The Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation (CICF) has presented Camillus House with a $25,000 donation to help complete renovations for Camillus' safe-haven housing facility, Good Shepherd Villas.

Good Shepherd Villas provides permanent housing for 14 formerly homeless men and women, as well as outreach, engagement and rehabilitation. These individuals would not be able to sustain themselves in any other affordable housing scenario or reside in any other type of housing program besides a safe-haven model such as Good Shepherd Villas.

Clients are moved directly from the streets into the units and the program. The proposed renovations will include a new laundry facility as well as an urban garden. For the average person, laundry is a simple routine. For the chronically homeless, personal hygiene and having clean clothes represent major challenges. This component facilitates access to an adequate laundry facility, removes the burden of travel for persons struggling with mobility, and promotes self-sufficiency by placing the responsibility of personal hygiene on residents by providing the tools and instruction they need to get started.

From left: Bob Dickinson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Camillus House; Denise Goldson Rau, Vice President, Development, Camillus House; Eleni Kalisch, Vice President, Federal Government Relations, Royal Caribbean Cruises; Dan Farkas, Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Norwegian Cruise Line Corporation; and Paul R. Ahr, Ph.D., Camillus President & CEO.

Founded in 1998 the Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation was established to enhance the industry's contributions in those communities where CICF has extensive partnerships with state and local businesses. CICF supports non-profit organizations that encourage job creation and training, improve access to community services and provide youth and adult education, particularly for minority and disadvantaged students. In addition, the Foundation promotes programs designed to improve public health or medical research aimed at disease prevention.



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