Institute of Social and Personal Adjustment

Residential Treatment Services

Camillus House has provided substance abuse treatment services to men who are addicted and homeless since 1988.

What began as an informal self-help group has evolved into a professionally staffed and licensed co-occurring disorders treatment program, designed to meet the multiple, changing needs of a culturally diverse population.

The program, now called the Institute of Social and Personal Adjustment (ISPA), was formally licensed in 1997, and is now licensed for Outpatient, Day/Night, Residential Levels II and IV, and Aftercare treatment services.

ISPA incorporates self-help philosophies with clinical expertise, providing treatment through a mix of individual and group therapy, work training, and social activities. Recognizing that treatment must be tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the client, ISPA employs multiple approaches and modalities, emphasizing development of client-centered plans that are culturally, racially and ethnically appropriate. Co-occurring disorders are treated as separate, primary, chronic disorders.

The program currently maintains an astounding retention rate of 66% of clients successfully completing or remaining in treatment during a one-year period. This figure takes into account that 100% of clients entering the ISPA program are coming straight off the streets, suffering from severe and chronic addictions and/or mental illness. The retention rate for clients once they enter active treatment is 77%.

Watch the graduation ceremony for 67 men who completed treatment through Camillus House's Institute for Social and Personal Adjustment (ISPA) program for persons who are homeless, November 21, 2010.

After referrals, screening and admission, the ISPA program is divided into four “Phases”: Entry Phase; Phase I; Phase II; and Phase III/Aftercare. Each phase lasts approximately two to three months, although clients work with counselors to establish individual treatment plans and move on to the next phase only when ready. The average length of time for a client to complete all treatment phases and graduate is six to nine months.

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