What Does Volunteering at Camillus House Have to Offer?

Camillus House volunteers are diverse in every way. They are multi-cultural, multi-lingual; they are students, teachers, attorneys, retired professionals, homemakers, clergy and performers to name a few.
Camillus House offers a wide range of on-going and project-related assignments. Some people volunteer every week and some volunteer for special projects or events only. Some volunteers can only commit to a few months. There are volunteer opportunities to fit your interest.

Here is a small sampling of our volunteer opportunities:

ο   Help prepare and/or serve food to individuals who are poor and homeless.
ο   Host a food drive or other fundraising drive.
ο   Provide business consultative services.
ο   Help organize a special event.

Please Read Requirements to Volunteer at Camillus House

Individual Volunteering

In order to start volunteering at Camillus House, you must be registered with us by attending our next orientation. There is no need to RSVP for orientation, but we do ask that you arrive on time.

Please click here to learn about our next orientation.

Group Volunteering

Volunteering as a group is easy:

1. Select a date and a meal time that is available on our calendar (if the date is available, it will not have another group's name on it).
2. Email Alessandra Laricchia to confirm date and to place your group's name on the calendar.

If you have any additional questions, you may contact Alessandra Laricchia via email alessandral@camillus.org or phone 305-374-1065 ext. 438.

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