A System of Care...

Camillus House has grown steadily over the years from a small soup kitchen into a full-service center offering what we call a comprehensive “system of care” for the poor and homeless — a seamless, step-by-step process designed to bring persons from a life on the streets all the way to permanent housing.

Fully integrated services are provided through multiple program areas.

Compassionate Healing (substance abuse and mental health treatment)

The Continuum of Housing (emergency, transitional, and permanent housing)

Compassionate Hospitality (food, clothing, showers, outreach, case management, rent assistance)

Camillus Health Concern (sister organization providing health care services including adult primary care, pediatrics and a number of specialties)

Organization Profile

• 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Agency serving the Poor and Homeless.
• Foundedin 1960 to initially help Cuban exiles. Read more
• Established by the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd. Read more
• Provides a broad range of social and health services to over 12,000 men, women and children on annual basis. Read more
• Camillus House employs 135 staff members.

Annual Statistics

• 350,000 Free meals served.
• 800 Families and Individuals provided with Transitional and Permanent housing.
2,000 individuals provided with emergency housing.
• 135 individuals were provided mental health treatment.
160 individuals received residential substance abuse treatment.
77%retained/successful in active substance abuse treatment.
25,000 medical encounters provided by Camillus Health Concern.
4,200 total patients (includes adults and children) served by Camillus Health Concern.


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