Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities Serving Clients

Compassionate Hospitalitydirect services including food, clothing, showers and emergency assistance

1. Help prepare and/or serve food to individuals who are poor and homeless (one-time or ongoing).
2. Host a food drive or other fundraising drive (one-time or ongoing).
3. Host a holiday party for clients (one-time or ongoing).
4. Writing letters to clients (one-time or ongoing).
5. Assist staff during the woman shower programs.
6. Help out in the Mail Room by organizing correspondence and distributing it to our clients.

Comprehensive Healing
substance abuse treatment, physical and mental health care

1. Engaging in physical activity with the kids (ongoing)
2. Teach a skill to clients — Leadership, dance, fitness, etc. (one-time or ongoing)

Career Help
counseling, vocational training and job placement

1. Provide business consultative services (one-time or ongoing)

Opportunities Assisting Camillus Staff

1. Provide business consultative services (one-time or ongoing)
2. Help organize a special event (one-time or ongoing)
3. Videography for an event (one-time or ongoing)
4. Help organize donations at the Warehouse

Bank of America Community Volunteers help to serve meals to homeless clients during a monthly “Day of Service” at the Camillus House Shelter.

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