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Supplies Sent to Haitian Orphanage

Published Friday, March 30, 2012 9:00 am


Make a Contribution for the Orphanage in Haiti

Thanks to generous donors, Camillus House in March 2012 sent two shipments of much-needed supplies to the Brothers of the Good Shepherd’s Orphanage in Haiti.

The shipment included children’s clothing, commercial freezer and refrigerator, microwave, toasters, 13 pallets of rice, water, flour, cooking oil, school supplies, rugs, plates, silverware and cups. Brother Luc and the children in the orphanage were extremely grateful to receive the shipment.

Construction is under way to rebuild a building at the farm in Lagona that was destroyed during the earthquake in January 2010.

The farm serves as a food source for the orphanage and provides agricultural education opportunities. However, it is located several miles away, so restrooms and a place to eat, rest and teach are necessary. Construction will be complete in May 2012 and the building will be dedicated at that time.

Brother Luc, who oversees the operation, also has started a new program to feed more homeless children. There are many children living on the streets and there isn’t enough space in the Orphanage to take them all in. The meals are cooked outside under a tent as the children play in the area waiting for the food to be ready. It takes three hours to feed all the children and for many of them this is their only meal of the day.

Photos from Brothers of the Good Shepherd Orphanage in Haiti

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