Leadership Roles

CHYL Leadership Roles

Below are snapshots of Leadership positions in Camillus House Young Leaders (CHYL). To become active in our CHYL Board, contact Maria Alejandra Peralta, Community Relations Manager, 305.374.1065, ext. 438, or email alessandral@camillus.org.


Oversees all aspects of Camillus Leaders’ board. Determines agenda for each meeting, ensures that board operates in an efficient manner, monitors progress of group and follows through with the mission. Works in conjunction with liaison from Camillus House and Camillus House Board of Directors.


Helps organize meetings, takes minutes during the meetings, monitors the group’s progress, follows up to make sure decisions are being implemented, and overall general administration of Camillus Leaders. 


Helps coordinate activities and collects funds or contributions at the events or during the year. Sets goals on the amount we need to raise or receive and oversees these goals.

Marketing/Public Relations

Develops materials in all media forms (web, print, TV, radio) to promote the group’s activities. This role would be responsible for the website, brochures, invitations to events, and all other materials the group produces.

Volunteering/CH Needs

Coordinates on Camillus House needs (i.e. socks and underwear). Develops programs, projects and other venues to help with important causes. This role would be responsible for setting all CHYL volunteer projects.

Event Coordinator

Responsible for planning events — securing venue, coordinating food, beverage, audio-visual, etc. — promoting events and finding sponsors.

Corporate Outreach

Responsible for partnerships with other organizations to familiarize more people with Camillus Leaders and exploring joint events. This role can also be used to help get sponsors for events.


Responsible for growing the CHYL membership and maintaining the membership database. This person will collect names and contact information of those interested in CHYL and learning more about Camillus House.  

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